How Long Does an MOT Take?

For many vehicle owners, the MOT test is an annual ritual, a necessary step to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and compliant with UK law. The question on the minds of many drivers is, “How long does an MOT take?” Understanding the process can help you plan your day better and reduce any anxiety associated with the test.

At Anderson Commercials in Coalville, we provide MOT services for motorbikes, vans, cars, trucks and more. We’re here to offer some insight into the duration of the MOT test:

MOT take

What is a MOT Test?

The MOT test is a comprehensive check of a vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. It is a legal requirement for most vehicles over three years old in the UK. The test includes checks on various components, such as brakes, lights, seatbelts, tyres and suspension, among other areas. The goal is to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards set by the government.

Average Duration of an MOT

The MOT test typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour. This time frame can vary depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle and its condition. For instance, a straightforward test for a well-maintained car may be quicker, while a test for an older vehicle or one with potential issues could take longer.

At Anderson Commercials, our experienced technicians strive to complete the MOT test as efficiently as possible without compromising on thoroughness. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicle is safe and compliant, giving you peace of mind when you’re back on the road.

Factors Affecting the Duration of an MOT

Several factors can influence how long an MOT test takes:

The type of vehicle can significantly affect the duration of the test. For example, motorbikes generally have fewer components to check than cars or trucks, which can result in a quicker test. On the other hand, commercial vehicles and trucks may require more extensive checks due to their size and complexity.

The overall condition of your vehicle plays a crucial role. A well-maintained vehicle, with no apparent issues, is likely to pass through the test more swiftly. However, if there are faults or potential problems, the tester may need more time to diagnose and record these issues.

How well-prepared your vehicle is for the test can also affect the duration. Simple checks, such as ensuring all lights are working, tyres are in good condition and liquid levels are correct, can help expedite the process. At Anderson Commercials, we recommend our customers perform these basic checks before bringing their vehicles in for an MOT.

The time taken for the MOT test itself is one part of the equation. Depending on the time of year and the demand for MOTs, there might be a waiting period before your test can be conducted. At Anderson Commercials, we strive to offer flexible booking options to minimise wait times and provide a smooth, efficient service.

What Happens During an MOT Test?

The tester will begin with an initial inspection of your vehicle’s exterior, checking for any obvious signs of damage or wear.

The test then moves to a more detailed inspection of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. This includes checking the lights, horn, windscreen wipers and washers, seatbelts and mirrors. The condition of the doors, seats and fuel system will also be inspected.

The tester will then examine the engine and other components under the bonnet. This includes checks on the battery, wiring and fuel system to ensure there are no leaks or faults.

The vehicle is raised on a lift to inspect the condition of the underside, including the chassis, suspension and exhaust system. The tester will also check the brakes, wheels and tyres for wear and tear.

Finally, the brakes are tested for efficiency and an emissions test is conducted to ensure that the vehicle meets the required environmental standards.

Post-Test Procedure

Once the MOT test is complete, the tester will provide a report detailing any issues found during the inspection. If your vehicle passes the MOT, you will receive a certificate that is valid for one year. If there are any minor issues, you will receive an advisory note indicating items that may need attention in the future.

In cases where the vehicle fails the MOT, the report will outline the reasons for the failure and you will need to have the necessary repairs carried out before a retest can be conducted. Here at Anderson Commercials in Coalville, we can often carry out repairs on-site, saving you time and hassle.

Tips for a Smooth MOT Experience

Keeping your vehicle in good condition through regular maintenance can help prevent any surprises during the MOT test. Regular servicing can catch issues early and ensure your vehicle is always in good shape.

Before your test, conduct a few simple checks yourself. Ensure all lights are working, the windscreen wipers are effective and the tyres have adequate tread depth. These small steps can make a significant difference.

Avoid the last-minute rush by booking your MOT test in advance. This ensures you get a convenient slot and can avoid any potential delays. Selecting a reputable MOT test centre like Anderson Commercials, in Coalville, ensures that the test is conducted professionally and thoroughly.

The duration of an MOT test can vary but typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour. At Anderson Commercials in Coalville, we are known for high quality services on a wide range of vehicles, from motorbikes to trucks. As an RAC approved garage, rest assured you are in safe hands with Anderson Vehicle Specialists. Trust us with your MOT needs and drive away with confidence knowing your vehicle has been in safe hands.